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Youth on Guard Memorial Weekend

Youth on Guard

“Sacrifice, suffering, and grief are synonymous with war. A nation of families, friends and citizens, mourning the loss of their loved ones, need closure in order to start their grieving process. They need a place that represents this loss and celebrates the sacrifice that protect the liberties of free nations.”Society of the Honor Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Civil Air Patrol Starbase Composite Squadron's Youth on Guard team re-enacts the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier located in Arlington National Cemetery. The re-enactment occurs over Memorial Day weekend, at Floral Haven Cemetery in Broken Arrow, OK, every year for 54 hours straight.

"Memorial Day"

Prepared by First Baptist Broken Arrow

Our purpose is as follows.

To never forget - An unknown soldier is one who has given everything in service to their country, including their identity. A soldier never dies until they are forgotten. We will never forget.

To provide a place to grieve - There are many that will never be able to visit Arlington National Cemetery. Our re-enactment provides an avenue for them to pursue closure.

To join in remembrance - There are veterans who have stories that they will never tell. To stand guard over the Unknowns is to also stand guard over the deeds and acts of bravery which are also unknown.

To raise a generation of youth with a mindset of honor - The sixth line of the sentinel’s creed reads, “My standard will remain perfection.” The youth who train to serve on the Youth on Guard team learn, through striving for perfection, about duty, honor, and respect. This shapes each one to be an individual whose character and actions are fashioned to reflect the honor that the unknowns deserve.

Youth on Guard
Youth on Guard Tomb of the Unknown
Youth on Guard Tomb of the Unknown
Youth on Guard rifle inspection

This Youth on Guard reenactment was begun in 1995 and has been passed on through the cadet program as each set of cadets have cycled up through the ranks. Training begins with a hand selected team of 12 cadets in mid-January and continues two times a week until Memorial Day four months later. The Youth on Guard training has a series of evaluations which take into consideration the perfection and precision of the ceremony, strict physical fitness standards, memorization of the sentinel’s creed, and knowledge of the Tomb of the Unknowns.

Flag Patrol, Avenue of Flags

The weekend’s events are supported by the squadron's adult senior members, as well as the squadron's Cadet Flag Patrol. Just as the Guard, regardless of weather, Flag Patrol Cadets will patrol and maintain the grounds of Floral Haven while inspecting and correcting over 3,800 flags throughout the weekend, careful to treat them with the honor and dignity befitting those who have gone before.

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Youth on Guard

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Your donations will help continue this great honor and secure a place of remembrance for generations to come. With your help we can accomplish this.

2017 Youth on Guard

23rd Annual Reenactment of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

When: May 27th - May 29th, 2017

Where: Floral Haven Cemetery

The event is open to the public.


10 AM, Saturday - Opening Ceremony will begin with city and state dignitaries in attendance.
1 PM, Saturday - The first Guard is placed and then the Changing of the Guard will begin.
4 PM, Monday - The Closing Ceremony begins and the Garrison Flag is retired.

The changing of the guard will continue from 1 PM Saturday to 4 PM Monday, nonstop.  We encourage visitors to witness the ceremony in both daylight and night time hours.

Youth on Guard posting of ceremonial wreath

Congressional Recognition

"Certificate of Special
Congressional Recognition
Presented to
Civil Air Patrol, Starbase Composite Squadron
in recognition of outstanding and invaluable
service to the community."

- Jim Bridenstine
U.S. Congressman
Oklahoma, District 1
22nd Annual Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Reenactment
May 28, 2016

U.S. Army, 3rd Regiment

Youth on Guard, 3rd Infantry Regiment

"Thank you for your
leadership and service!
You are great
ambassadors of
The Old Guard!"

- Colonel Johnny K. Davis
Former Commander
3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard)
15 April 2016

Youth on Guard 3rd Regiment Old Guard

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2016 Opening Ceremony

2016 Youth on Guard

2016 Flag Patrol

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