Senior Resources:

Looking for a squadron document?  How about an Award or Certificate Template?  You’ve found the place to download what you need.  Certificates are in Word format, unlocked for easy editing.  Don’t see a certificate or award you need?  Or maybe you have one that you don’t see here?  Contact us so that we can get more of a complete collection for CAP members to access easily.  Please keep in mind, some awards/certificates are restricted and can only be ordered from eServices.


Civil Air Patrol Ribbon Checker
CAP Forms
CAP Regulations
Senior Awards
Becoming a Senior Member
Professional Development

Starbase Members Closed Group Facebook

CAP University:

CAP University
New Member Kit
Level 1 Foundations
Level 2 Technical Training
Level 3 Managment
Level 4 Command & Staff
Level 5 Executive
On-Line Courses & Exams
Instructor Tools


CAPF 26 CAP Safety Improvement or Hazard Report
CAPR 39-1 Civil Air Patrol Uniform Manual
CAPF 50-1 Phase 1 Cadet Feedback
CAPF 50-2 Phase 2 Cadet Feedback
CAPF 50-3 Phase 3 Cadet Feedback
CAPF 50-4 Phase 4 Cadet Feedback
CAPP 52-7 Cadet Orientation Flight Syllabus
CAPP 52-8 Unit Honor Guard Program
CAPP 52-15 Cadet Staff Handbook
CAPP 52-18 Cadet Physical Fitness Program

Operational Risk Management Worksheet
Pre-Mission Checklist

Award / Certificate Templates

Certificate Template
Certificate of Appreciation

Appointment Certificates
Cadet NCO
Cadet SNCO
Cadet Officer
Senior Promotion
Squadron Commander
Group Commander

Cadet Promotion Certificates
1 Amn/Curry
2 A1C/Arnold
3 SrA/Feik
5 TSgt/Rickenbacker
6 MSgt/Lindbergh
7 SMSgt/Doolittle
8 CMSgt/Goddard
9 CMSgt/Armstrong

CAP NCO Ceremony Script
CAP NCO Defined
CAP First Sergeant
CAP Chief Creed

Service Ribbon Certificates
Air Search and Rescue
Command Service
Community Service
Disaster Relief
Search and Rescue “Find”
Homeland Security
Orientation Flight Pilot
Cadet Recruiter
Red Service
Senior Recruiter