Starbase Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol John F Curry Achievement
Starbase Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol Cadet Airman

MAJOR GENERAL JOHN F. CURRY served as CAP's first national commander. His tenure coincided with the early days of WWII, a time when ordinary citizens were searching for ways to help the war effort. So great was the desire to serve that Curry quickly built a force of 100,000 "flying minutemen" from across the nation. As a flier himself, he believed in air power, so Curry knew that to win the war, America had better make use of the airplane's capabilities. Because of Curry's leadership, CAP aircrews were tasked with missions that were of national importance, but which the military did not have the time or ability to complete. CAP volunteers began flying aerial search missions, watching the US / Mexico border for espionage, towing aerial targets for the Navy, and most famously, searching the Atlantic for (and sinking!) Nazi submarines. Although General Curry served as national commander for only 4 months, he set CAP on a course for success.

Additional reading material on General John F. Curry: Wikipedia, USAF Biography.

Cadet grades and insignia of the Civil Air Patrol are a series of cadet ranks awarded to cadets in Civil Air Patrol (CAP). Each grade and insignia corresponds to an equivalent United States Air Force enlisted and an equivalent officer grade insignia. A cadet begins at Cadet Airman Basic (the lowest enlisted grade) and must progress through all the enlisted grades before becoming a cadet officer. Each achievement requires the completion of several tasks.

Airman Super Sheet (Download)

Cadet Airman (C/Amn) is a grade that indicates the completion of the first achievement of 16 in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program. The Cadet Airman insignia is based on the design of the airman insignia from the USAF with a CAP Cadet shield superimposed over the center. Requirements to obtain this grade include a 25 question test on the fundamentals of leadership and followership taken from chapter one of "Learn to Lead", a drill performance test, and a physical fitness test. Also included in promotion is attending at least one Moral Leadership session provided by the cadet's local squadron. Some local units also require review boards to ensure that a person meets all requirements for this. Since 2015, Cadets also must complete the new Wingman Program and quiz to obtain the grade of Cadet Airman.

The grade accompanies the General J. F. Curry Achievement.

Cadets who have earned the Curry Achievement are eligible to go to Encampment (a week-long basic training for CAP Cadets) and also attain their General Emergency Services (GES) rating to assist CAP in its emergency services work.

Cadet Airmen are to be referred to as "Airman" or by their last name by other cadets and "Cadet" by Senior Members.


Study Material
This achievement will require you to study Learn to Lead Chapter 1 - Air Force Traditions.
Achievement Chapter Test
This test is open book, multiple choice, and includes a drill and ceremonies test (see below)
Achievement Drill Test
Pass this series of basic, non-movement military drill commands


There is no aerospace requirement for this achievement.

Character Development

Study Material
This achievement will require you to complete a lesson in the Introduction to the Core Values.
Testing Material
You must also complete your Introduction to Safety Quiz. The goal here is for you to understand and appreciate that our Core Values and a pro-safety attitude are essential aspects of cadet life.


Participate in squadron activities and lessons actively. This includes activities and events away from the squadron meeting.


Pass a timed mile run and achieve 2 of the 3 requirements for sit-ups, push-ups and sit and reach.

Level One Cadet Physical Training Requirements:
   Age  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17+
 Sit & Reach  Males  20  21  21  20  23  24  25  28
   Females  24  24  25  24  28  31  30  31
 Curl Ups
 Males  30 31  34 36 39 38  38 38
   Females  25 27 29 30 31 30 30  28
 Push Ups
 Males  10  11 12  16  18 22 24  26
   Females  10  10  9  9  9  11 11  12
 Mile Run
 Males  11:40 11:25  10:22  9:23  9:10 8:49  8:37  8:06
   Females  13:00  13:09  12:46 12:29 11:52  11:48 12:42 12:11
Athletic Development and Physical Training
You are encouraged to join our ADAPT program for further physical training. Check the Squadron Calendar or talk to your Cadet First Sergeant for more information.